Leuven - Purplair script - v1 - Demo basic version

Change the language of the script below 

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This script can generate the output for different AQ index calculations.
USA Airnow.gov
Netherlands luchtmeetnet.nl
Ireland epa.ie
Belgium irceline

The download contains tranlation files for English, Dutch, French and German.
Other languages can be added using standard language files.

This script generates two html files to be used on your own pages.
The component above can be tailored extensively.
It can contain the "More" button to hide/show all or a subset of the sensor values.
And the optional "Extra page" can link to amore extensive explanation page.

Below these remarks, the small "current value" of the pm2.5 is shown . It can be used on the startpage of your dashboard

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An example as used in a Saratoga template check here