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A lot of the window parts as displayed on the images, are optional. Most parts are shown using your settings in wsUserSettings.php

Each window consists of the following components:

Area before the page with:

1. Optional yellow box with your own messages

Often used for maintenance warnings or "this is new" message

# The  yellow box at the top
$SITE["maintenanceShow"]= true;                 # true = Display the yellow box on top of the page  |  false = Do not use
$SITE["maintenanceTxt"] = "./_my_texts/maintenance.txt";

2. Optional weather warnings

depending on your region from meteoalarm.u NOAA or EC

$SITE['warnings'] 	= true;		// ##### 

These warnings can be shown as in the image or below the header, just before the data-area.

3. Optional Bannners

Before are below the page, often used for an extra (large) photo or adds

4. The header

  • This is type 3
  • With 5 gauges
  • And the language choice (12) using a drop-down box
    $SITE['userChangeLang'] = true; // should be on to let user change to one of the supported languages
  • A message line with the status off the weather data updates, here it is in the "LCD" line
  • The name of your station

    If you click the name of your station, all template-cookies and language settings are removed and the default values will be used

Optional side area with:

Can also be located just below the header, or no menu for "joomla" type sites

6. Optional Webcams

1 or more webcam pictures with a link to the page with larger images

$SITE["webcam"]         = false;    # true = Yes, we have a webcam we want to show  |  false = Do not display

7. Rain- and thunder warnings

These images can be shown always or based on the weather-conditions or warnings. Clicking on the image displays a larger image on top of the page. The green arrow brings you to a separate page with more information.

# Rain and Thunder-warnings
$SITE["showRain"]       = false;   # true = Always  |  false = Do not display  |  optional = Display with rain warning
$SITE["showLightning"]  = false;   # true = Always  |  false = Do not display  |  optional = Display with thunder warning

8. Optional other websites

Links to other “befriended” websites

$SITE["otherWS"]        = "V";    # V = In side area  |  false = Do not display

9. Optional partner websites

Links to our partner websites where our weather information is also shown

$SITE["partners"]       = "B";    # B = In bottom area  |  V = In side area  |  false = Do not display

Onderste deel scherm:

10. Optional Equipment

Links and images of the equipment and programs used for your site.

$SITE['equipment']	= 'B';

For every part to be shown there are separate settings.

$SITE['stationShow']	= true;
$SITE['stationTxt']	= 'Davis VP2';
$SITE['stationJpg']	= 'img/davis_logo.png';
$SITE['stationLink']	= 'http://www.davisnet.com/weather/products/professional-home-weather-stations.asp';

$SITE['providerShow']	= true;
$SITE['pcShow']		= true;
$SITE['WXsoftwareShow']	= true;

Displays information about the number of visitors, links to statistical information, HTML-5 checking

Most important part: In the middle

In this example image, the startpage is shown with a yowindow gadget, the dashboard with the current conditions, 3 most used weather maps and a forecast. You can customize the startpage as you wish and choose from dozens of start-page components.

13. Detail informatie

A lot of window parts have a green arrow to the right which, when cliked, brings you to a new page with more information.

Other parts have an (i) = information symbol. When clicking that symbol, you are not redirected, but remain on the same page where the extra information is shown below the (i)

When clicking on a small photo or map, a larger image will be shown on top of the current page. Clicking again will restore the samller version.

14. Weather data age

An important part of the page is the date / time infor of the weatherinformation shown.

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