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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

WVIEW program setup

This document is based on version 5.20.2 of WVIEW available when writing this WiKi part.

More information

The manual for wview can be found at Manual PDF

This form has a separate area for WVIEW https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wview

The website with abundant information can be found at http://www.wviewweather.com/

Assumptions about locations of data

what where
WVIEW is installed in: Linux
Files to be uploaded are stored then in: network folder
Default upload folder on your webserver:

Which files are needed

file to be used forWVIEW name where to findtemplate nameupload frequency
Today actual and history min max values tagsWV.htx scriptsWV/ folder uploaded as tagsWV.htm 5 minutes
Yesterday values n/a cron-job tasgsydayWV.txt at 23:45
Realtime weather-data values not available for WVIEW


IN WVIEW there are larege amounts of graphs available. The templatew only needs a subset of them so you should check your /etc/wview/images.conf file if those graphs are generated. If you switch to using the template later you should set all other graphs to comment in the images.conf file.

These graphs are needed:

baromday.png humidday.png heatchillcomp.png
intemp.png intempdaycomp.png radiationDay.png
rainday.png rainrate.png tempdaycomp.png
UVday.png wdirday.png wspeeddaycomp

Here you find only basic information on the setup of WSWIN. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the WSWIN specific parts of the forum.

Instruct WVIEW to process our tag file

Most of the weather-data comes from 1 file:

  • named tagsWV.htx
  • stored in weather28/scripsWV/
  • copy that file to your general template folder (often: /etc-wview/html) on your linux-WVIEW system

Edit templates.conf

Edit your /etc/wview/html-templates.conf file and add 1 line below anywhere in that file:


If you don't edit the html-template file the new tagsWV.htx will never get processed!

Restart WVIEW

After you restarted WVIEW will process this file and the result will be placed in same folder as your current wview files.

WVIEW instellen om op te laden

FTP instellen

Only very basic information can be given here. Read the manual or ask your questions on the forum.

If you are already uploading some files to the same webserver as the Leuven-Template, you can set in your wsUserSettings.php file , the exact location were this file can be found.

Create a cronjob

There are no "yesterday' values registred by WVIEW. So to get those values a small script should be run every day around 23.45 but before 00:00

The easiest way to do that is to use cron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron

The job which must be run is www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/yesterday.php

How to run a cron-job is described at: CRON jobs

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