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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

WSWIN - Which files are needed

This document is based on version 2.97.13 of WSWIN available when writing this WiKi part.

More information

Assumptions about locations of data

what where
WSWIN is installed in: C:\wswin
Files to be uploaded are stored then in: C:\wswin\
Default upload folder on your webserver:

Which files are needed

file to be used forWSWIN name where to findtemplate nameupload frequency
Today actual and history min max values tags.ws.txt scriptWS/ folder uploaded as tagsws.txt 5 minutes
Yesterday values n/a generated by cron-job tagsydayWS.txt at 23:45
Realtime weather-data values wswin_nrt.txt scriptWS/ folder clientraw.txt every minute
ws_clientrawhour.txt clientrawhour.txt wswin setting
ws_clientrawextra.txt clientrawextra.txt
ws_clientrawdaily.txt clientrawdaily.txt

control file

In the folder scriptWS/ you fibnd the important control file wswin_customfiles.cfg. You should check this first and maybe read the documentation if this kind of upload-control is new to you.

Here you find only basic information on the setup of WSWIN. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the WSWIN specific parts of the forum.

Instruct WSWIN to generate / upload "custom" files

Before we can anything else we have to check if wswin is instructed to process"custom files".

There are three settings to check in WSWIN:

  • is a target folder specified to contain the files, normaly it is c:\wswin\html
  • Activate the processing of customized html files
  • set the time between processing to zero (every standard time) or 5 minutes.

Let wswin process our realtime data file

First we have to check if wswin knows that it has to process realtime files. Go to wswin menu ⇒ Control (UK) or Sturing (Dutch) ⇒ Template/… ⇒ tab NearRealTime

Check box next to Near Real Time File The file-name should be also checked automatically

We now have to check if there is already a wswin-nrt.txt file present. If so we can add ours with a different name or replace the current file.

Why replace? Often the wswin-nrt.txt file is a file to produce a clientraw.txt file. The one you downloaded is the same but includes the necessary tags for WD-live version 6.09.

Move the realtime file to the wswin folder

Download using your FTP program th4 4 files from the scriptWS/ folder (or use the ones in the template download, if it is still on your PC). Move these files to the C:\wswin\ folder, if that is the folder your wswin program is runbnig from.

  • tags.ws.txt
  • wswin_nrt.txt
  • ws_clientrawhour.txt
  • ws_clientrawextra.txt
  • ws_clientrawdaily.txt

check the custom configuration file

Check if you already have a wswin_customfiles.cfg in your C:\wswin\ folder.

Yes, there is one

you now have to compare the lines 2 to 5 from the template version (in the scriptsWS/ folder) with your own version and add the missing lines. At least 1 line should be added as tags.ws.txt can not be there already.

. . . shortened . . . 

No, there is no wswin_customfiles.cfg in C:\wswin\

Copy the file from scriptsWS/ to C:\wswin\ and WSWIN will generate the files from now on.

Create a cronjob

There are no "yesterday' values registred by WSWIN. So to get those values a small script should be run every day around 23.45 but before 00:00

The name of that script www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/yesterday.php

How to run a cron-job is described at: CRON jobs

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