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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

WeatherDisplay - what and how to upload

This page describes:

  • The file to copy to your WD webfiels folder
  • The settings in WD to process that file and upload it to uploadWD/
  • The other settings for clientraw upload and graphs upload

More information

Although it is a development in progress, there is already wealth of information available in the WeatherDisplay manual. Maybe its a good moment to have it available http://www.weather-watch.com/WD_Manual.pdf
or use the online version at http://www.tokaanuskihire.co.nz/wdhelp/index.shtml

Or if you prefer their wiki is at http://wiki.weather-watch.com/index.php/Main_Page

There is a growing number of the authors youtube-videos at http://www.weather-display.com/youtubevideos.php

You could visit their website.

And their forum is at: http://www.weather-watch.com/smf/


This document is based on the Windows version of WeatherDisplay. A seperate document is here for the consoleWd version. There has been no test with the Linux or Mac versions of WD.

The following assumptions are made for all text / examples on this page about locations of data:

what where
WeatherDisplay is installed in: C:\wdisplay
Files to be uploaded are stored then in: C:\wdisplay\webfiles\
Default upload folder on your webserver: www.uw-web-site.com/ weather28/uploadWD/

WeatherDisplay - Which files are needed

file to be used forWeatherDisplay file namewhere to get that filetemplate file nameupload frequency
Weather-data values for all pages of the template tags.wd.txt scriptsWD/ tagsWD.txt 5 minutes
Realtime weather-data values WD-Live built into WeatherDisplay
no customization needed
clientraw.txt set by WD
WD-Live extra clientrawextra.txt
WD-Live hour clientrawhour.txt
WD-Live daily clientrawdaily.txt
Graphs, based on type and availability of sensors:
windrose on trend page not needed built into WeatherDisplay dirplot.gif set by WD
other graphs for graph page not needed built into WeatherDisplay curr24hourgraph.gif

WeatherDisplay - put the files in the weather-program folder

Now we are going to place the downloaded tag-file in the webfiles folder of your WeatherDisplay on your PC.
Probably that is C:\wdisplay\webfiles\.

Use the filemanager on your PC to locate that folder and drop the tags.wd.txt from yourweather??/scriptsWD/ folder into C:\wdisplay\webfiles\.

WeatherDisplay - ftp settings

Here you find only basic information on the setup of WeatherDisplay. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the WD specific parts of the forum.

The default upload folder is weather28/uploadWD/ How to set your FTP settings in WeatherDisplay is beyond the scope of this document. Please check the manuals, the documentation and so on.

Upload Graphs

In WeatherDisplay go to:

  • menu ⇒ ControlPanel
  • button ⇒ Webfiles / Webpage Real time FTP/ WDL
  • tab ⇒ Web Files Setup #1
  • the windplot for the graphs page

Op dezelfde pagina:

  • the graphs for the "Station grpahs page"

WeatherDisplay-Live files to upload

In WeatherDisplay go to:

  • menu ⇒ ControlPanel
  • button ⇒ Webfiles / Webpage Real time FTP/ WDL
  • tab ⇒

Tags conversion and upload

Now we are going to instruct WeatherDisplay to process our "5 minutes' tags file.
WD should:

  • read the tags.wd.txt
  • convert the tags to the real weather values
  • store the converted file as tagsWD.txt in the C:\wdisplay\webfiles\ folder
  • upload the file to weather??/uploadWD/tagsWD.txt

In WeatherDisplay go to:

  • menu ⇒ ControlPanel
  • Button "Internet File creation & uploads"
  • Click on tab "Setup Page #2"
  • Click on line with File#29 and then on the Set button

  • Type the two names in the right box (example has the arrows to it).
    • Local file name is the name of the file in the C:\Wdisplay\webfiles folder which WD will read and process
    • Remote file name is the name of the translated file when stored.
    • if the first lines are already used you should take a free set (of 2) lines.
  • You can set the update frequency as you like. 5 minutes is in most cases OK.

Check if ALL switches are in the green (ON) position and always leave with the OK button.


Now it is time to check everything. During the first stages of the insdtall all test files were used. Now your own files should be uploaded, so your own values should be displayed on the template pages. The uploadWDfolder should contain therefor recent versions of:

  • tagsWD.txt
  • 4 clientraw*.txt files
  • and all needed graphs.
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