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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

Virtual Weather Station - program setup

More information

The manual for VWS can be downloaded from Manual PDF

This forum has s sewparate part for VWS wxforum VWS

What files are needed

file is used forVWS namefile is found attemplate nameupload frequency
Weather-data values for all pages of the template tags.vws.txt scriptsVW/ tagsVW.txt 5 minutes
Realtime weather-data values wflash.txt build into VWS wflash.txt set by VWS
wflash2.txt wflash2.txt
Graphs / Steelseries Wind directiongenerated by VWS vws736.jpg
Wind Speed vws737.jpg
In Humudity vws739.jpg
Humidity vws740.jpg
In Temp vws741.jpg
Out Temp vws742.jpg
Total Rain vws744.jpg
UV Index vws752.jpg
Solar Radiation vws753.jpg
Wind Chill vws754.jpg
Out Heat Ix vws756.jpg
Dew Point vws757.jpg
SL Barometer vws758.jpg
Virtual Temperature vws762.jpg
Rain Rate vws859.jpg

FTP Setup

Here you find only basic information on the setup of VWS. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the VWS specific parts of the forum.

Sequence of steps to follow:

  • use your ftp program to download the file tags.vws.htx from your website folder weather28/scriptsVW/
  • move this file to your VWS template folder on yor PC. Often this is C:\vws\root\
  • Go in VWS to menu Internet and then to HTML Settings

Here you set in the left colom which file must be converted by VWS. Converted means that all VWS tags (example: ^vhi007^) are replaced by the real value, in this example it would be the maximum outside temperature of today.

The file is saved at the location and with the name as specified by you in the right colom

  • type
    • left C:\vws\root\tags.vws.htx
    • right C:\vws\root\tagsVW.txt
    • set the Update Timer nearly at the bottom at 5 minutes
  • click the button upload Files to Internet
    • in the "from" location you type the name of the converted file C:\vws\root\tagsVW.txt
    • in the right colom ?proceeded by some extra as /httpdocs/ ? you type /weather28/uploadVW/
    • Click on the "calendar" icon where you set the uploadtime and frequency. In the example you see that TagsVW.txt is uploaed every 5 minutes.

uploading the graphs

In the VWS menu go to Modify Display choice Graph. The next box with a lot of selection possibillities is displayed. Adapt you VWS to generate at least the checked settings in this image.

VWS - WFLASH upload

If you alreaqdy use WeatherFlash (wflash) you can skip this part.

In the VWS menu go to Internet choice Weatherflash

User should be DEMO in capitals.

Timer should be not to much less then 30 seconds. It is a waste of resources to set it much lower as you have to understand that the wflash files are uploaded 24/7, if there are visitors to your site or not.

In the box Active Server Page check Activate

Here you have to type the name of the script which is accepting the WFLASH uploads.
The script is stored in weather28/scriptsVW/ with the name submit.php

If your website name is www.yourwebsite.com you set this value to www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/scriptsVW/submit.php?

Please do not forget the ? at the end, as in the examples. The wflash files will not be uploaded without that ?

Press Close

Use of already available wflash files

If you are already uploading wflash files, you have to set the location of the files for the template scripts.

Default the template scripts search for them in the upload folder weather28/uploadVW/.

# IMPORTANT     will you be uploading to the default upload folder (uploadXX) where xx is the short code for your weather program
$SITE['standard_upload']= true;
#       If you do not want or are not able to upload to the default folder set the correct upload folder here
#$SITE['uploadDir']	= '../';        // #####        example for upload to root
#$SITE['clientrawDir'] 	= '../';
#$SITE['graphImageDir'] = '../';

Remove the comment mark at the line $SITE['clientrawDir'] and point to your own loacation. The name clientrawDir is used for all realtime files, so also for WFLASH.

The ../ should be included, as it signals that the remainder of the location starts in the root of the website. IF the wflash files are located in www.yourwebsite.com/wflash/ you change that line to

$SITE['clientrawDir'] 	= '../wflash/';
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