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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

Use the Generate Files menu choice

You have to use a small configuration program as soon as you are satiesfied with your settings. Meteohub is a very extensive program which can drive multiple weather-stations at the same time. Steps to follow are:

  • use your website menu to go to DevelopmentGenerate Files
  • set the sensors names used in your Meteohub first
  • and after these sensors are defined: generate and download the tag-files to your PC
  • and finally place those files in your Meteohub's GRAPH folder

In your browser go to your website and choose menu Development and then Generate files

Here you select which sensors and with which sensor-names are attached to your station.

Other available sensors are not supported by the template.

Press the button "save your changes" when you are finished.

You will see a message at the top of the page that your sensor settings are saved for now.

Now press the button"Download sensor based files". The next page will be shown where you can select he files to download.

Select/click file by file fore download to your PC. You will move them later (using your LAN) to the Meteohub.

To make support possible you have to copy two of the downloaded tag-files to the weather28/scriptsMH/ folder. The files are tags.mh.html and tagsyday.mh.html

If you do not do that, the support script printSite.php (menu choice p=0000) can not check if translated values are correct.

After you place the two tag-files in the scriptsMH/ folder, you can now place all downloaded files into the graphs/ folder on your Meteohub. That is explained on the next tab.

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