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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

Meteohub - What to upload and how

Which files are needed

file to be used forMeteohub namewhere to get that filetemplate nameoplaad frequency
Weather-data values for all pages of the template
Todays values and history min max values tags.mh.html configuration tagsMH.txt every 5 minutes
Yesterday values tagsyday.mh.html configuration tagsYdayMH.txt at 23:55 (11:55 PM)
"Realtime" weather values
WeatherDisplay-Live WD-Live 4 files
Meteohub default
clientraw.txt every minute
WD-Live extra clientrawextra.txt 30 minuten of minder
WD-Live hour clientrawhour.txt 30 minuten of minder
WD-Live daily clientrawdaily.txt 30 minuten of minder
Graphs, based on type and availability of sensors in your weatherstation:
windrose for trend page windrose.mg configuration windrose.png 30 minutes
temp / rain 2 days graph tdpb2day.mg configuration windrain2day.png 1 hour
wind / rain 2 days graph windrain2day.mg configuration windrain2day.png 1 hour
uv / heatindex 2 days graph uvhi2day.mg configuration uvhi2day.png 1 hour
solar / uv 2 days graph soluv2day.mg configuration soluv2day.png 1 hour
sol / heatindex v solhi2day.mg configuration solhi2day.png 1 hour
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