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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

Setup Davis WeatherLink.com

Using Weatherlink.com as a data source there are no uploads needed and no config program for the template.

Specify your correct userid and password

You already specified your userid and password for the WeatherLink.com website during the first configuration. You can check those values at the start of the _my_texts/wsUserSettings.php file.

# Extra settings for your weather-program
$SITE["wlink_key"]      = "xyz";
$SITE["wlink_pw"]       = "xyz";

Create a cronjob

There are no "yesterday' values registred by WL.com. So to get those values a small script should be run every day around 23.45 but before 00:00

The script that has to be run is: www.yourwebdsite.com/weather28/yesterday.php

How to run a cron-job is described at: CRON jobs

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