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Install the Leuven-Template step 4 of 7

Upgrading from previous releases

The following steps are to be done

Download a script

Install script in previous template folder

Unzip that download and put the unzipped script in the main main folder of your current website.

If it is a Leuven-Template, that folder is often called weather2/, if it is a Saratoga-Template, the main folder is often the root as all files are often located there.

Run script to copy previous settings

Run the command www.yourwebsite.com/foldername/_dumpSettings.php in your browser. The script will read your current settings and make a copy available as a text file. This is the output of such a run.

STEP 1: Loading a settings file for release 2.7 or later
STEP 2: Generating text file with old settings
STEP 3: File is saved as HTTP://release230/weather27/cache/oldsettings.txt 
STEP 4: Please check the file by clicking on the link and return here for the last step.
STEP 5: Download a zip HTTP://release230/weather27/cache/oldsettings.txt.zip 

Line 1 explains what type of settings file is found.
Line 3 list the location on your old server of the generated text file
With the link on line 3 you can check the file and with the link on line 5 you can download a zipped version of the file to your PC.

Move previous "settings" to new template folder

After downloading oldsettings.txt.zip, unzip the file and place the resulting oldsettings.txt file in the folder weather28/_my_texts/ of your new template.

All settings which can be converted are used for the new release.

One exception: The password. No scripts in the template will read someone elses password. So dumping the settings also does not copy the password to an easy readable file.

After you are finished installing later on and are swiotching off debug ⇒ set your password again!.

Why do we do those extra steps?

When you start customizing in the next install-step, a lot of answers will be filled with your old information.

I do not see my old settings when customizing

If you already played around with the Configure menu choice you have to delete the unwanted file with default answers from the cache. That file is found in weather28/cache/ and has the name install_configure_setup.arr Delete the file and now the question and answer script will read your old settings first and use them if possible.


After you have downloaded and stored your previous settings into your new website:

  1. Delete the _dumpSettings.php script from your previous/current site
  2. Delete the oldsettings.txt and oldsettings.txt.zip from the cache there also.
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