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 +====== Steelseries ​   ======
 +Steelseries gauges are heavily used on weather websites all over the world. The gauges were developed by  [[http://​​|Han.Solo]] and first used by Mark Crossley for [[http://​​a/​SteelSeries_Gauges|Cumulus web-sites]] there is now code available for multiple weather-programs. ​
 +An average Steelseries gauges page contains:
 +  * a  moving text display ("​LCD"​ style) which shows:
 +    * the latest text forecast from the weather-station (mostly Davis Vantage)
 +    * or a message like "time to reload"​
 +    * or an error message (see below for the most common ones)
 +  * a down-counter with the number of seconds before the data is refreshed
 +  *  a number of gauges of which UV and Solar are optional ​
 +{{ :​steel1.jpg?​nolink&​600 }}
 +=====  Introduction =====
 +All Steelseries scripts and files are contained in the Leuven-Template download. No customazation is needed.
 +All template supported weather-programs can also display a pop up. 
 +All but two (DW=Davis and MB=Meteobridge) weatherprograms support a graphs there also.
 +The gauges in header 3 will NOT show the extra graphs as the available display area is to small.
 +<WRAP info>The on-line documentation mentions the gauges.js file to adapt. In the template that file is replaced by **wsGauges.js** so use that file. All adaptions made in gauges.js will have no result..</​WRAP>​
 +If you want to customize the gauges to your liking:
 +Demonstration page: http://​​u/​84552/​SteelSeries/​SteelSeries.html
 +Forum: http://​​smf/​index.php?​board=61.0
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