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PHP 7 support

This page is a collection of questions / solutions for PHP7 implementation

Open problems

  • none at 2016-01-26


The code to check the PHP version should be changed so that version 7.0 is accepted.

  • Script weather28/jpgraph/src/jpgraph.php
  • lines 230-242
  • function CheckPHPVersion
  • add the extra line
function CheckPHPVersion($aMinVersion) {
    list($majorC, $minorC, $editC) = preg_split('/[\/.-]/', PHP_VERSION);
    list($majorR, $minorR, $editR) = preg_split('/[\/.-]/', $aMinVersion);
    if ($majorC > $majorR) return true;                  // this line added for PHP7
    if ($majorC != $majorR) return false;
    if ($majorC < $majorR) return false;
    // same major - check minor
    if ($minorC > $minorR) return true;
    if ($minorC < $minorR) return false;
    // and same minor
    if ($editC  >= $editR)  return true;
    return true;

As debug options are set to high when testing the template, switch them off for the graphs at

  • Script weather28/wxgraphs/graphsconf.php
  • lines 29
  • function fetch_root
  • add the extra line after the include of uor template settings files
        include '../wsLoadSettings.php';   //  NEXT line added for PHP7
        ini_set('display_errors', NULL);  error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED); 

WU history

In one case the ereg_replace function is used. It should be replaced with a str_replace

  • Script weather28/wu/WU-history.php
  • lines 1406
  • function getcsvWithoutHanging
  • change that line from
$line = ereg_replace("<br>", "", fgets($socketConnection, 4096));  //One of these gets left in there somehow


$line = str_replace("<br>", "", fgets($socketConnection, 4096));  //One of these gets left in there somehow
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