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Install the Leuven-Template step 4 of 7

Other files to customize

This page lists the other files you use to adapt the template appearance and functioning.
Check this page briefly for now and return later when you want to customize those aspects more in detail.

Multi selection for Forecasts

For every region there is a similar file with the possible selections for the forecast dropdown selection, airport selections a.s.o
The file is coded as ??_multi_fct.txt, and as often ?? stands for the short two letter region code, ca for the region code canada, eu for europe, ot for other and us for america.
This is the contents of the _my_texts/eu_multi_fct.txt, only the last lines are shown, There is also a large number of documentation lines in the file itself to help you locate the values

#latitude |longitude |name      |METAR|yahoo |yr.no |
|51.2603851|4.3577201|Antwerp   |EBAW |966591|Belgium/Flanders/Antwerp/  |
|50.6246401|5.5990901|Liège     |EBLG |973540|Belgium/Wallonia/Liège/  |
|50.57     |3.82  |Mons/Bergen  |EBCV |974484|Belgium/Wallonia/Mons/  |
|50.92     |5.77  |Maastricht   |EHBK |731497|Netherlands/Limburg/Maastricht/  |
|49.63     |6.2   |Luxemburg    |ELLX |979721|Luxembourg/Luxembourg/Luxembourg/  |
|51.2      |2.87  |Oostende     |EBOS |975129|Belgium/Other/Oostende_Airport/  |

One line in this file contains all data for the same city and its neighbouring airport.

  • The latitude / longitude is used for mosdt of the forecasts.
  • The name is used to identify the city in the dropdown or header lines.
  • The Metar is used for the "Airports page" and for "weather in cities nearby".
  • The Yahoo codes are used for "weather in cities nearby", the Yahoo version
  • And the Country/area/city codes are used for the Yr.no forecasts.

This "_my_texts/friendly_websites.php" file is a PHP script so please read the You have to read (understand) this before adapting the scripts if you are not familar with PHP.

$sideArrCoop[] 	= array (
	"show"	=>	true,
	"name"	=>	"Template documentation <br /> and downloads",
	"icon"	=>	"",						// add image link here
	"link"	=>	"http://leuven-template.eu/index.php?lang=".$lang,
	"alt"	=>	"Documentation for the template used" 

If the setting to display these website-links ($SITE["otherWS"]) is set to true the links in this file will be displayed. This script must be tailored to your "befriended" webnsites. To help you understand the structure, there are two websites which will de displayed and two which will not be displayed using the show= setting. There is ample documentation in the start of the script. Use a decent program-editor such as notepad++. Do not use the standard notepad.exe for windows or MS-word as this will introduce difficult to find errors in your website.

Yellow box / maintenance warning

The yellow box on top of the page "This website is under construction - " is default displayed when you first start the template install. The display and the contents of that box is specified in two settings

# The  yellow box at the top
$SITE["maintenanceShow"]= true;  # true = Display the yellow box on top of the page  |  false = Do not use
$SITE["maintenanceTxt"] = "./_my_texts/maintenance.txt";

You can use a text file to display all kind of interesting information. Even that some pages are "down" for maintenance.

You should therefor edit the standard files "maintenance.htm" or "maintenance.txt". Or make your own txt or html file. The name of the file to be displayed is in the second setting.


As with the other optional blocks on a page, you specify in the settings if such a box (maintenance, banners bottom area a.s.o.) must be displayed. All parts of a standard window This is also valid for the top- and bottom banner.

# Banners for adds , photo's and so on
$SITE["bannerTop"]      = true;                 # true = use my text file  |  false = Do not display
$SITE["bannerTopTxt"]   = "./_my_texts/banner.txt";
$SITE["bannerBottom"]   = true;                 # true = use my text file  |  false = Do not display
$SITE["bannerBottomTxt"]= "./_my_texts/banner.txt";

In the "_my_texts/" folder there are two example banners to use.

  • banner.txt ⇒ the default banner displayed initially before you cahnge the settings
  • banner.php ⇒ an example php script. It should display the same gauges as in header3, as long as i did not make a typo.

US Air quality maps

Again a small php script to specify the URL's to the AQ maps. Including the documentation to find the correct maps and / or to suppress one or more of the maps.

About pages

Menu "Other Stuff""About" needs information from you, your site, your area and so on.
In the "_my_texts" folder there are files to adapt for this, for every language one file, coded as about-??.html

You can use plain HTML and PHP if needed. There are a few small PHP parts in each file, used to display the optional UV and Solar Sensor information a.s.o.


All companies / organizations you share your weather-data with, are called partners in the template documentation. So Awekas and WeatherUnderground are partners. Their logo can optional be displayed on every page. All information of all partners, even we do not share our data with, can be displayed on a separate page. Menu "Other Stuff""Partnerships"

There is one script to define the data and for every language another file to define all texts used.

  • partners.php defines
    • a list of all partners to be displayed including the sequence in which they are displayed
    • and all data-items about every partner, name, URL a.s.o.
  • partners_??.txt defines the texts to be used.

Inside the files/script there is documentation and inofrmation to add new partners.

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