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There are different kinds of networks were you can upload your weatherstations data. In return for uploading your data, the weather networks provides all kind of goodies to be included on your web-site.

There are many regional networks . And a lot of those networks work together to collectively provide a global coverage These are "Regional Weather Networks", an example the BNLWN = Benelux Weather Network, or the AKWN = Alaska Weather Netwerk. All their names end on WN.

For Europe there is also EWN = European Weather Netwerk. There is a separate chapter for EWN

These are the settings in wsUserSettings.php (example BNLWN)

# Mesonet
$SITE["mesonetMember"]  = true;                # false = We are not member of a regional Mesonet of weather-Stations  |  true = We are a proud member of a regional Mesonet of weather-Stations
$SITE["mesoID"]         = "BNLWN";
$SITE["mesoName"]       = "Benelux Weather Networ";
$SITE["mesoLink"]       = "http://www.beneluxweather.net/";

Which solution to display mesonet info

Use the template scripts

Starting with release 2.8 of the Leuven-Template their are new scripts available to display the regional networks info.

If you are happy with that solution, use the menu choice Mesonet ⇒ "Regional"

Use the mesonet scripts

Download the scripts first

Most regional networks (??WN) use the same set of scripts to display the page and map. Download the folder, often named ??WN-mesomap/ and place that folder in the root of your webserver. At the same level as the weather??/ folder.

Adapt the menu file

This solution uses an iFrame to excecute the standard scripts. You have to tweak the mesomap-testpage.php script in your Regional Network download a little bit to get rid of the large demo heading. But for most smaller networks this page looks OK.

You have to change the menu file to select that solution wsMenuData.xml

        <item 	nr      ="31"			show    ="no"
		link    ="mesomaps/wnGeneralFrame.php"			
		caption ="Local Network"
		title   ="Local Weather Exchange Stations" 

Change the "no" to "yes" and the script will be used.

The name of the logo is _mesoLogo.png Attention: it starts with an underscore
And it is stored in the weather28/img/ folder

To use your own logo
1. Rename your own Mesonet logo to _mesoLogo.png and
2. replace the current one in weather28/img/ with your own

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