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Install the Leuven-Template in 7 steps

There are seven steps to follow which should lead to a succesfull install

  1. You are here now
  2. Set the permissions of the folders
  3. Test the web-server environment
  4. Generate / adapt the settings files
  5. Configure the upload of weather-data
  6. Adapt menu items
  7. Almost finished

Upload the folder with all subfolders and scripts to the root of your website

  • Copy the complete weather28 folder, NOT just the contents but the whole folder

Some advice which can save you a lot of time

The Leuven-Template is a LARGE template with a lot of pages to display and hundreds of scripts.

  1. If possible USE the weather28/ folder and place it in the root.
    1. You could use a different name but remember ALL examples assume weahter28/
    2. DO NOT copy the contents of the weather28/ folder to the root. You will probably overwrite important scripts there.

  2. First test the Leuven-Template by adding weather28/ to the website name Example: www.yoursite.com/weather28/.
    When you are finished testing you only have to rename one script and the addition of weather28/ is not needed in the browser anymore

  3. You can continue to use your current web-site / template next to the Leuven-Template. No need to change anything there so leave it as it is. After you are completely satisfied with the new template you decide which web-page is displayed when a visitor types your website address into his/her browser.

  4. If you are already uploading weather data you can use that location for the template also.
    BUT: Do NOT change the location of the uploaded files until all adaptions has be done.
    When you are ready to test with your own data
    1. First manually copy the weather files from your current upload folder to the template upload folder.
    2. Only when everything looks correct, you can change the template setting to point to your current upload location.

  5. Even if you like the weather-adapted photographs behind the test-pages, they can not be used during testing. They hide error-messages which could occur after a typing error in one of the settings. So as long as the template is in "debug" mode, the template switches to the pastel color-scheme, regardless of your settings.

For now you should follow the step-by-step instructions on the following pages first, before you jump in and start changing the scripts themselves. Even if you know what you are doing in changing the scripts, you lose more time later to redo things.

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