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Install the Leuven-Template in 7 steps

There are seven steps to follow which should lead to a succesfull install

  1. Upload the template to your website
  2. You are here now
  3. Test the web-server environment
  4. Adapt the settings files
  5. Configure the upload of weather-data
  6. Adapt menu items
  7. Almost finished

Which folders have to be set

The following folder / subfolders have to be set to 777.
If your provider does not allow that set them to 766.
All other folders can be set to 755.

Folder Sub-folder
cache all
upload?? all

How to set permissions

To set the permissins at 777 or 755 use a FTP program.

This is how permissions 755 look:This is how permissions 777 look:

Set the permissions of all files in the folders also by using Apply changes recursivily or how it is called in your FTP program.

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