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 +====== EWN ======
 +EWN stands for European Weather Network [[http://​​]]
 +<WRAP info>Our goal is to have a comprehensive view of weather conditions across the European countries. If you are a personal weather station owner/​operator,​ please let us know so we add you to join the growing community! </​WRAP>​
 +To become a member visit [[http://​​member.php?​en]]
 +When you are a member you can use different EWN scripts to enhance your website.
 +===== EWN scripts =====
 +^script ​  ​^toelichting ​ ^
 +|[[http://​​weather27/​index.php?​p=32|members]] |As other Mesonets the EWN members page displays all member stations on a map. Information about the weather at that station is displayed when you "​hoover"​ above the location of the station. Also a webcam image can be displayed. |
 +|[[http://​​weather27/​index.php?​p=46|kaarten ​ ]] |For the next three days you can display temperature,​ wind, precipitation and a lot more weather-variables. These are by far the most extensive weathermaps available.All information from the EWN weather maps is also available on the EWN forecast page.|
 +|[[http://​​weather27/​index.php?​p=13|Verwachting]]|The EWN-Forecast is EWN's own in-house generated forecast. Its the only forecast that is generated on demand, when you query it! This means you get allways the most recent data available. The EWN-Forecast is available for ca 850000 locations trought whole Europe. ​ |
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