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CRON jobs

What is cron and do we need it

Why do we need it

Yesterday weathervalues

Some weather programs do not have yesterday weather values and also have no built in scheduled tasks. In our case we have to find a solution for WSWIN, WVIEW and Weatherlink.com

Because we need those yesterday values we run a smal script on our webserver at 23:50 (11:50 PM) to copy the min max values of today into a file which will be used shrotly (after 24:00) as yesterdays values.The script which must be run is: yesterday.php

If you already have set a password in your settings, do no forget to add ?pw=yourpassword to the link.
The yesterday script is password protected to make sure that others are not playing jokes on you by running the yesterday script at other times then the intended time.

So we need a cronjob which runs every day at 23:50 to call


in a browser. The xxxxxx should be replaced with your password as set in wsUserSettings.php. If you did not set it yet, you can omit it.

NWS / Curly multiple weather-warnings areas

The number of regions to retrieve weather warnings from is "unlimited" when using Curly-scrips. The response time becomes unacceptable when using to much areas.

Here you find the readme Curly wrote: www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/usa/nws-alerts/NWS-alerts_read_me.html

We need a cron-jon to retrieve the weather warnings so that visitors do not have to wait for that.

The script which must be run is: www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/cron_job.php

This cronjob should run every 5 - 15 minutes and call our script www.yourwebsite.com/weather28/cron_job.php in a browser

How to run a cron job

If you use a Linux system

Most WVIEW users could use the cron faciliteits of their Linux system they are runnig WVIEW on.

Your PC or Mac is available 24/7

Windows Task Scheduler

EN: You should use google to find recent instructions and how-to, example https://www.drupal.org/node/31506


A simple and free app. You set the time, copy the URL and specify which browser. That's all. http://macscheduler.net/

Use your webhosting company

Hoster such as godaddy have simple cron facilities, which are usable. Others excel and allow multiple cronmjobs at have very simple tools to define them.

Check the help files /support forum of your hosating comapny

cron providers

Or you can use free (or nearly free) specialized providers such as:



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