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 +====== How do I get Support? ======
 +Please understand that I can not provide any personal support outside the scope of implementing the template. So do not email me with questions for programming extensions and so on.
 +Also questions about the working / customizing of your weather-program should be asked elsewhere. I am not able to support the 11 different weatherprograms in more then a basic way.
 +===== Community Support =====
 +There are several ways to get free support for for the template provided by current users.
 +The best places to get in contact are:
 +  * The wxforum [[http://​​index.php?​topic=18819.525]]
 +  * The WeatherWatch forum [[http://​​smf/​index.php/​topic,​59560.0.html]]
 +  * The HWA forum (in Dutch) [[http://​​forum/​]]
 +  ​
 +Before asking a question make sure to understand a few things:
 +  * Please use the search area which is on every page at the upper right corner
 +  * and use the search function on the forums at least once
 +If you realy can not find an answer here or in the Q&A at the download area you can contact me, BUT
 +  * Be patient -- I am doing this on my own, there is no staff to answer ​ 24/7
 +  * Ask [[http://​​~esr/​faqs/​smart-questions.html|a smart question]] -- seriously read this if you want helpful answers
 +===== Contact me =====
 +Support tickets at: [[http://​​index.php?​lang=en|Leuven-Template Support]] ​
 +Please ​
 +  * always state an URL of the page / website you are refering to.
 +  * if available also the page number of the problems page
 +  * and tell me wqhat you already tried yourself
 +Be aware that English is not my native language so try to explain in detail what you want to accomplish.
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