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Install the Leuven-Template step 4 of 7

How do we customize the template

Let's start

There is a question and answer tool which you should start now.

Start your Leuven-Template (if you did not do that already) by typing www.your website name.com/weather28/ in the browser. You have to type your own website-name, not www.your website name.com.

The menu should be on the left side and click on menu item Configure

Set your password once

password.jpg You are asked once to select a password. Do not enter to fancy a password, or a password which is used for other important affairs. This password is only used for the short period when you are adapting the settings for the first time.

Two most important questions

After you entered your password you are faced with the first and most important 2 questions in customising the template. Based on these two questions, all other questions are selected including default values if possible.

But let me first explain some of the information on this window. At the top right, the standard user-name is printed, it is install
Next to it the logout link so that you can leave the computer without someone else messing with your settings. If you want to continue after logging out, press Configure in the menu and enter for user: Install and use the password you defined in the previous step.

Also important: The set of questions you are answering are printed on the bottom left side of all pages with questions.

After making your selections you should always press the Save button at the lower right, to store the answers in the answers file.

DO it!

  • select the weather-program you are using and the region your weather-station is in
  • and press Save.

The generate button

Lets just check the bottom part of the question screen. There is a new button now which needs some explanation.

As you can see in the image (bottom - left) ], I selected Europe for the part of the world and Meteohub (MH) as my weather-program. Your screen should reflect the choices you made and display your region and the name of your weather-program.

DO it! Press the Generate button and I can explain the messages which are printed:

You can view a text version of the generated settings file and you will see the changes applied You should download as a backup this version to your PC also, do it often during the customisation. At the bottom you see the buttons to continue where you was last time BUT do not press them for now. First we are going to use the generated settings themselves.

What to do with the generated settings file?

Anytime you press the Generate button on one of the answer pages,

  1. you should download to your PC/Mac a zip or php of the newly generated wsUserSettings.php from the cache
  2. you should then upload (or move) that wsUserSettings.php to the _my-texts/ folder.

Remember: The settings are only replaced by you, not by the configure scripts. As long as you do not put them in the weather28/_my_texts/ folder they are not used.

DO it now Please replace the wsUserSettings.php with the newly generated one NOW!

  • Do not wait after these "only" two choices.
  • They are the most important ones
  • and your page will look different from the intial one
  • menu choices will be adapted to your region

If it will not work out as you want go to the support-ste and request support NOW.

Start answering the questions

Lets go back to the questions we have to answer by pressing on Continue where we were

A lot of questions can be answered by selecting your choice from a drop-down list.

Sometimes you have to type text values, such as the name you want to use for your website or the map coordinates for your station.

To answer the questions, there should be enough information on the left, often with links to files or webpages to help you to find the right answer.

A lot of questions are region specific or weather-program specific. Only the questions which are relevant for your situation will be displayed from now on. So if you are on a forum and there are questions mentioned you did not see / answered, do not bother they are not relevant for you.

Please remember

Unzip wsUserSettings.zip ⇒ wsUserSettings.php and copy the unzipped version to the weather28/_my_texts/ folder replacing the previous version there.

PLEASE do not forget that you yourself have to copy the new settings.
After answering the questions YOU copy the generated settings after making a backup of the old version.

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