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 +====== YoWindow ​   ======
 +YoWindow can show your current weather and a 7 day forecast in one nicely crafted area. It shows:
 +  * Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind
 +  * True astronomical calculations for Sun and Moon, daylight
 +  * Mist, thunderstorms…
 +  * Seasons change in sync with nature.
 +Your web-site visitor can
 +  * Time-scroll - see weather at any moment (in the future) by moving the scroller or
 +  * Select a day to display
 +You can adept YoWindow to
 +  * use your own back-ground picture
 +{{ :​yowindow1.jpg?​nolink }} 
 +==== Settings ====
 +:?: Where does YoWindow takes the CURRENT weather from?
 +YoWindow takes the current cloudiness conditions as clouds, mist and so on from a METAR station.
 +<​code>​$SITE['​METAR'​] = 'a valid airport code';</​code>​
 +U heeft dat al correct ingesteld in
 +[[check_these_first|Installeer de Leuven-Template stap 4 - Laten we beginnen]]
 +:?: YoWindow gadget on the startpage as primary forecaster?
 +<​code>​$SITE['​fctOrg'​] = '​yowindow'; ​ //​ Yowindow gadget, nice Flash program, needs a geo key setting</​code>​
 +:?:Or you want it as an extra dashboard item?
 +Script wsStartPage.php:​ remove the comment mark to add a yowindow gadget
 +<​code>#​$dashboard[] = '​yowindow';​ // yowindow</​code>​
 +==== More YoWindow information ====
 +Kijk hier: [[http://​​]]\\
 +====  crossdomain.xml ====
 +A special crossdomain.xml file should be in your server ROOT directory. ​
 +crossdomain.xml is used on the web to allow outside web-servers to connect to your server. \\ 
 +You need to open an access to our web-server, to let the YoWindow widget load PWS data from your server.
 +<WRAP alert>​WARNING:​ YoWindow will NOT be able to access YoWindow XML file or PHP script if crossdomain.xml is missing or wrong.</​WRAP>​
 +<code - crossdoamin.xml>​
 +<?xml version="​1.0"?>​
 +<​!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "​http://​​xml/​dtds/​cross-domain-policy.dtd">​
 +<​allow-access-from domain="​*"​ secure="​true"/>​
 +To understand the use of **crossdomain.xml** visit  [[http://​​widget_and_pws.php]]
 +You find a usable copy of this file in **weather27/​_my_texts/​** with  the name  **zz_**crossdomain.xml. ​
 +You should rename it to **crossdomain.xml** and move it to the **root** of your website.
 +==== Problemen ====
 +{{ :​yowindow-errors.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Check if there is a crossdomain.xml in the root of your website and if it is valid.
 +==== Aanpassingen ====
 +The yowindow script is **wsDashYowindow.php**
 +=== Your location ===
 +<​code># ​      The ID (YoWindowPlaceID) for your city can be either from a geoname id or from the latitude / longitude
 +#               ​geoname id:  http://​​id ​ to get that numeric city number example: ​ 2796012=herent,​ 2783612=wilsele
 +#       ​DEFAULT lat-lon comes from the wsUserSettings.php
 +#​$yowindow_place_ID ​     = '​2792482'; ​           // 2792482 = leuven
 +$use_yow_lat_lon ​       = true;                //  set to true and the latitude/​longitude will be used, the  $YoWindowPlaceID will not be used     </​code>​
 +Default your location is calculated by yowindow based on the station latitude longitude setting as you set in wsUserSettings.php
 +For performance reasons you could choose to find the gn yourself and enter it in the setting.
 +=== Station / region name === 
 +<​code># ​      The name of your city in the right part of the gadget
 +$yowindow_location_name = $SITE['​organ'​]; ​      // use the same name as in the rest of the template
 +#​$yowindow_location_name= 'type your own name'; // remove # to add your own name
 +#​$yowindow_location_name= ''; ​                  // remove # and leave as '';​ to use the name from the yowindow database</​code>​
 +Default your own stations name is copied from your settings. ​
 +=== The background ===
 +Choose from
 +<​code>#​ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 +#       The landscape
 +$yow_landscape  ​       = '​village';​
 +#​$yow_landscape  ​       = '​seaside'; ​           // select the landscape by removing the commment mark # at one landscape ​ only
 +#​$yow_landscape  ​       = '​oriental'; ​          // put the comment mark # at the unwanted landscapes
 +. . . more </​code>​
 +=== use_yow_site = use a local website copy ===
 +The continuous development of yowindo somtimes disrupts the correct functioning.
 +A local "last good' copy is inside the template and can be used then.
 +Omdat het yowindow programma steeds verder ontwikkeld wordt, gebeurt het wel eens dat er ernstige performance problemen zijn of dat er vreemde fouten optreden.
 +<​code>​$use_yow_site ​          = false; ​     </​code>​
 +=== Which Metar ===
 +Yowindow prefers its own database of applicable metars. sometimes they differ to much from your local situation.
 +You can choose your own metar here.
 +<​code>#​ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 +#       use metar set in wsUserSettings.php,​ || your own || let yowindow decide (default)
 +$yow_metar ​             = $SITE['​METAR'​]; ​      // metar as in settings
 +#​$yow_metar ​             = '​EBBR'; ​             // another metar for yowindow
 +#​$yow_metar ​             = ''; ​                  // the metar yowindow wants to use</​code>​
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