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YoWindow can show your current weather and a 7 day forecast in one nicely crafted area. It shows:

  • Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind
  • True astronomical calculations for Sun and Moon, daylight
  • Mist, thunderstorms…
  • Seasons change in sync with nature.

Your web-site visitor can

  • Time-scroll - see weather at any moment (in the future) by moving the scroller or
  • Select a day to display

You can adept YoWindow to

  • use your own back-ground picture



:?: Where does YoWindow takes the CURRENT weather from?

YoWindow takes the current cloudiness conditions as clouds, mist and so on from a METAR station.

$SITE['METAR'] 		= 'a valid airport code';

U heeft dat al correct ingesteld in Installeer de Leuven-Template stap 4 - Laten we beginnen

:?: YoWindow gadget on the startpage as primary forecaster?

$SITE['fctOrg'] 	= 'yowindow';  	//	Yowindow gadget, nice Flash program, needs a geo key setting

:?:Or you want it as an extra dashboard item? Script wsStartPage.php: remove the comment mark to add a yowindow gadget

#$dashboard[]	= 'yowindow'; 	// yowindow

More YoWindow information


A special crossdomain.xml file should be in your server ROOT directory.

crossdomain.xml is used on the web to allow outside web-servers to connect to your server.
You need to open an access to our yowindow.com web-server, to let the YoWindow widget load PWS data from your server.

WARNING: YoWindow will NOT be able to access YoWindow XML file or PHP script if crossdomain.xml is missing or wrong.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">
<allow-access-from domain="*" secure="true"/>

To understand the use of crossdomain.xml visit http://yowindow.com/widget_and_pws.php

You find a usable copy of this file in weather27/_my_texts/ with the name zz_crossdomain.xml.

You should rename it to crossdomain.xml and move it to the root of your website.


Check if there is a crossdomain.xml in the root of your website and if it is valid.


The yowindow script is wsDashYowindow.php

Your location

#       The ID (YoWindowPlaceID) for your city can be either from a geoname id or from the latitude / longitude
#               geoname id:  http://yowindow.com/id  to get that numeric city number example:  2796012=herent, 2783612=wilsele
#       DEFAULT lat-lon comes from the wsUserSettings.php
#$yowindow_place_ID      = '2792482';            // 2792482 = leuven
$use_yow_lat_lon        = true;                //  set to true and the latitude/longitude will be used, the  $YoWindowPlaceID will not be used     

Default your location is calculated by yowindow based on the station latitude longitude setting as you set in wsUserSettings.php For performance reasons you could choose to find the gn yourself and enter it in the setting.

Station / region name

#       The name of your city in the right part of the gadget
$yowindow_location_name = $SITE['organ'];       // use the same name as in the rest of the template
#$yowindow_location_name= 'type your own name'; // remove # to add your own name
#$yowindow_location_name= '';                   // remove # and leave as ''; to use the name from the yowindow database

Default your own stations name is copied from your settings.

The background

Choose from

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#       The landscape
$yow_landscape	        = 'village';
#$yow_landscape	        = 'seaside';            // select the landscape by removing the commment mark # at one landscape  only
#$yow_landscape	        = 'oriental';           // put the comment mark # at the unwanted landscapes
. . . more 

use_yow_site = use a local website copy

The continuous development of yowindo somtimes disrupts the correct functioning. A local “last good' copy is inside the template and can be used then. Omdat het yowindow programma steeds verder ontwikkeld wordt, gebeurt het wel eens dat er ernstige performance problemen zijn of dat er vreemde fouten optreden.

$use_yow_site           = false;      

Which Metar

Yowindow prefers its own database of applicable metars. sometimes they differ to much from your local situation. You can choose your own metar here.

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#       use metar set in wsUserSettings.php, || your own || let yowindow decide (default)
$yow_metar              = $SITE['METAR'];       // metar as in settings
#$yow_metar              = 'EBBR';              // another metar for yowindow
#$yow_metar              = '';                   // the metar yowindow wants to use
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