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 +===== Uit welke onderdelen bestaan 1 scherm =====
 +<WRAP info>A lot of the window parts as displayed on the images, are optional. Most parts are shown using your settings in wsUserSettings.php
 +Each window consists of the following components: ​
 +==== Area before the page with: ==== 
 +=== 1. Optional yellow box with your own messages ===
 +Often used for maintenance warnings or "this is new" message
 +# STANDARD ​     your own yellow message box. This extra box can be used for messages about maintenance etc. 
 +#               When you first start implementing the template a message about building a new website is displayed
 +$SITE['​maintenanceShow'​]= true; //##### ​ display this file always (true) when it exists
 +$SITE['​maintenanceTxt'​] = '​./​_my_texts/​maintenance.txt'; ​  // ​ you can modify this text as you want or link to another file
 +</​code> ​
 +=== 2. Optional weather warnings === 
 +depending on your region from meteoalarm.u NOAA or EC
 +$SITE['​warnings'​] = true; // ##### </​code>​
 +These warnings can be shown as in the image or below the header, just before the data-area.
 +{{ :​window_parts.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +=== 3. Optional Bannners === 
 +Before are below the page, often used for an extra (large) photo or adds
 +=== 4. The header === 
 +  * This is type 3
 +  * With 5 gauges
 +  * And the language choice ​ (**12**) using a drop-down box\\ <​code>​$SITE['​userChangeLang'​] = true; // should be on to let user change to one of the supported languages</​code>​
 +  * A message line with the status off the weather data updates, here it is in the "​LCD"​ line
 +  * The name of your station <WRAP center round tip >
 +If you click the name of your station, all template-cookies and language settings are removed and the default values will be used</​WRAP>​
 +==== Optional side area with: ====  ​
 +=== 5. Menu ===
 +Can also be located just below the header, or no menu for "​joomla"​ type sites
 +=== 6. Optional Webcams ===
 +1 or more webcam pictures with a link to the page with larger images ​
 +<​code>​$SITE['​webcam'​] = true; ##### show webcam in side column when the sidecolumn is displayed, otherwise ignored </​code>​
 +=== 7. Rain- and thunder warnings ===
 +These images can be shown always or based on the weather-conditions or warnings. Clicking on the image displays a larger image on top of the page. The green arrow brings you to a separate page with more information.
 +# STANDARD ​     small radars in the side column only   
 +# Set to false and the radars will only be shown when there is a weather-warning ​
 +$SITE['​wrnRain'​] = true;   
 +$SITE['​wrnLightning'​] = true; </​code>​
 +=== 8. Optional other websites ===
 +Links to other “befriended” websites
 +<​code>​$SITE['​otherWS'​] ​ = '​V';​ //​ ##### show links to other weatherstations</​code>​
 +=== 9. Optional partner websites ===
 +Links to our partner websites where our weather information is also shown
 +<​code>​$SITE['​partners'​] = '​V';​ //​ ##### show other websites (partners) ​ with your weatherdata</​code>​
 +{{ :​window_parts.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +==== Onderste deel scherm: ==== 
 +=== 10. Optional Equipment ===
 +Links and images of the equipment and programs used for your site.
 +<​code>​$SITE['​equipment'​] = '​B';</​code>​
 +For every part to be shown there are separate settings.
 +<​code>​$SITE['​stationShow'​] = true;
 +$SITE['​stationTxt'​] = 'Davis VP2';
 +$SITE['​stationJpg'​] = '​img/​davis_logo.png';​
 +$SITE['​stationLink'​] = '​http://​​weather/​products/​professional-home-weather-stations.asp';​
 +$SITE['​providerShow'​] = true;
 +$SITE['​pcShow'​] = true;
 +$SITE['​WXsoftwareShow'​] = true;
 +=== 11. "​Footer"​ ===
 +Displays information babout the number of visitors, links to statistical information,​ HTML-5 checking
 +==== Most important part: In the middle ====
 +In this example image, the startpage is sahown with a yowindow gadget, the daskboard with the current conditions, 3 most used weather maps and a forecast.
 +you can customize the startpagew as you wish and choose from dozens of start-page components.
 +=== 13. Detail informatie ===
 +Alot of window parts have a **green arrow** to the right which, when cliked, brings you to a new page with more information.
 +Other parts have an **(i)** = information symbol. ​ When clicking that symbol, you are not redirected, but remain on the same page where the extra information is shown below the (i)
 +When clicking on a small photo or map, a larger image will be shown on top of the current page. clicking again will restore the samller version.
 +=== 14. Weather data age ===
 +An important part of the page is the date / time infor of the weatherinformation shown.
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