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WeatherDisplay-Live (WDL for short) is fully supported in the Leuven-Template. This includes the use of the multi-language facility which is present in WDL.

I made some adjustments in the “standard' procedure around WDL to fully integrate WDL in the Leuven-Template. These changes are duscussed in this topic of the WiKi.

Were are the files located?

The scripts are stored in the folder wdl/ (www.yourweatherstation.com/weather27/wdl/):

file description
incWdlive.php the page to displayed, fulle customizable
swfobject.js flash javascript object,do not toch
wdlv6_09.swf recente version Adobes flash program.
When a new version is installed the script incWdlive.php should be modified also.

WDL config xml

The folowing weatherprograms support the generation of the 4 clientraw*.txt files.

The neede configuration files can be found in the weather-programs upload folder (weather27/uploadXX/)

code weather-program upload folder
CW consoleWD uploadCW
MH Meteohub uploadMH
WD WeatherDisplayuploadWD

There is a separate config file wdl-??-config.xml for every supported language (?? is the language code).

Modify the config files

This is the first part of a config.xml file with the English language:

1. Set your "serial" number:


replace ” evaluation “ with your serial number

2. Multiple language support:

In 1 config.xml only 1 language can be used. The difference between the 4 wdl-??-config.xml files is the line


3. Use your own UOM

There are only xml with metric units in the template. you should modify them to suit your default preferences.

Create your own config files

you need to use the WDL configurator.

Copy the generated xml for every supported language. Use the same naming conventions as with the supplied files wdl-??-config.xml

Exact names are neeeded as they are used in incWdlive.php

Add 1 line in every xml with the language:

language add this line
wdl-nl-config.xml <language>dutch</language>
wdl-en-config.xml <language>english</language>
wdl-de-config.xml <language>german</language>
wdl-fr-config.xml <language>french</language>

Ready ?

During testing it sometimes happens that you have to adjust the height (width is always 100%). Especialy as tyhere is a full page display and the dashboard display.

You set the hight in incWdlive.xml lines 28 - 35.


$wdlHeight 	= '300px';
$wdlWidth 	= '450px';

Full page:

$wdlHeight 	= '540px';
$wdlWidth 	= '810px';
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