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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7 ======
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|3]]
 +  * [[settings|4]]
 +  * [[upload|Configure the upload of weather-data]]
 +  * [[menu|6]]
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +===== WVIEW program setup =====
 +<WRAP center round info 90%>
 +This document is based on version **5.20.2** of WVIEW available when writing this WiKi part.
 +==== More information ====
 +The manual for wview can be found at  [[http://​​release-notes/​wview-User-Manual.html#​Configuration-wviewmgmt-ftp|Manual PDF]]
 +This form has a separate area for WVIEW  [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​wview]]
 +The website with abundant information can be found at [[http://​​]]
 +=== Assumptions about locations of data ===
 +^what  ^where ​ ^
 +|WVIEW is installed in:    |Linux ​  |
 +|Files to be uploaded are stored then in: |network folder ​  |
 +|Default upload folder on your webserver:​\\​%% ​ |weather27/​uploadWV/ ​ |
 +=== Which files are needed ===
 +^file to be used for^WVIEW name ^where to find^template name^upload frequency ​  ^
 +|Today actual and history min max values |**tagsWV.htx** |scriptsWV/ folder ​  ​|uploaded as tagsWV.htm |5 minutes|
 +|Yesterday values ​   |n/a |cron-job ​ |tasgsydayWV.txt ​  |at 23:45 |
 +|Realtime weather-data values ​  |not available for WVIEW||||
 +=== Graphs ===
 +IN WVIEW there are larege amounts of graphs available. The templatew only needs a subset of them so you should check your ** /​etc/​wview/​images.conf ** file if those graphs are generated. If you switch to using the template later you should set all other graphs to comment in the images.conf file.
 +These graphs are needed:
 +|baromday.png |humidday.png |heatchillcomp.png |
 +|intemp.png ​  ​|intempdaycomp.png |radiationDay.png |
 +|rainday.png ​ |rainrate.png ​  ​|tempdaycomp.png |
 +|UVday.png ​  | wdirday.png |wspeeddaycomp |
 +<WRAP alert  100%>​Here you find only basic information on the setup of WSWIN. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the WSWIN specific parts of the forum.</​WRAP>​
 +===== Instruct WVIEW to process our tag file =====
 +Most of the weather-data comes from 1 file:
 +  * named **tagsWV.htx**
 +  * stored in **weather27/​scripsWV/​**
 +  * copy that file to your general template folder (often: /​etc-wview/​html) on your linux-WVIEW system
 + {{ :​wview-setup1.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +=== Edit templates.conf ​ ===
 +Edit your /​etc/​wview/​html-templates.conf file and add 1 line below anywhere in that file: 
 +If you don't edit the html-template file the new tagsWV.htx will never get processed! ​
 +=== Restart WVIEW  ===
 +After you restarted ​ WVIEW will process this file and the result will be placed in same folder as your current wview files.
 +==== WVIEW instellen om op te laden ====
 +=== FTP instellen ===
 +{{ :​wview_ftp.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Only very basic information can be given here. Read the manual or ask your questions on the forum.
 +If you are already uploading some files to the same webserver as the Leuven-Template,​ you can set in your wsUserSettings.php file , the exact location were this file can be found.
 +===== Create a cronjob =====
 +There are no "​yesterday'​ values registred by WVIEW. So to get those values a small script should be run every day around 23.45 but before 00:00
 +The easiest way to do that is to use cron [[http://​​wiki/​Cron]]
 +<WRAP important >
 +The job which must be run is​%%**weather27/​yesterday.php**
 +The real linux way is to use the built in cron functions at  at **45 23 * * * **. Those Linux experts know what and how.
 +But as some of you bought "​black-box"​ wview systems there are alternative ways of doing it without touching the linux system.
 +1. You can either use your providers facilities if the support specifying cronjobs
 +{{ :​cron-provider.jpg?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +Or you could use your first =  free cron job at [[https://​​]]
 +{{ :​cronjob_de.jpg?​nolink&​600 |}}
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