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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7 ======
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|3]]
 +  * [[settings|4]]
 +  * [[upload|Configure the upload of weather-data]]
 +  * [[menu|6]]
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +===== Weathercat program setup =====
 +==== More information ====
 +WeatherCat has an extensive WiKi which you should open now .
 +The WiKi: http://​​index.php/​Main_Page
 +There is also a forum at: http://​​
 +==== Which files are needed ====
 +for all examples we use the standard upload folder at your webserver:​\\​%%**weather27/​uploadWC/​** ​
 +^file to be used for ^WeatherCat name  ^Template file name  ^where to get that file  ^upload frequency ^
 +|**Weather-data values for all pages of the template** ​      ​|tags.wc.txt|tags.wc.txt ​     |scriptsWC/ ​ |5 minutes ​ |
 +|**Realtime weather-data values ** |realtime.wc.txt|realtime.wc.txt |scriptsWC/ ​ |every 1 minute |
 +|** Graphs** ​              ​|graphs.htx|multiple ​      ​|scriptsWC/ ​ |Every hour?  |
 +====  File upload settings ​ ====
 +<WRAP alert  100%>​Here you find only basic information on the setup of WeatherCat. Please study the documentation and /or ask your questions on the VWS specific parts of the forum.</​WRAP>​
 +Now we are going to instruct WeatherCat to upload the files we need for the template. ​
 +The process of uploading the needed files have a few small steps.
 +This is the complete list for those users who are not already uploading weatherCat files to their webserver.
 +  - Download the files with the tags from **weather27/​scriptsWC/​**
 +  - Create a separate folder on a easy to acces place (f.i. on your desktop) with the name "​tagFiles"​.
 +  - Create a separate folder on a easy to acces place (f.i. on your desktop) with the name "​processedFiles"​.
 +  - Specify the ftp settings and test if the target website folder ( default: weather27/​uploadWC/​ ) can be reached
 +  - Put the downloaded files (from point 1) in the "​tagFiles"​-folder and rename them
 +  - Instruct WeatherCat to process those files (= translate tags to values) and put them into "​processedFiles"​
 +  - Test if the files are correctly processed. ​
 +We now will go through this process step-by-step. \\ 
 +<wrap info >
 +Those users who are already uploading files to their wewb-server will know which steps to skip.
 +Point 2 and 3: Please put those folders in your documents folder or any other easy to reach place. But not in your web-site folder structure when you are running the web-server on the same mac as the WeatherCat program. First  test if everything works before adapting the process to your specific needs.
 +==== Step 4 - FTP settings ====
 +In WeatherCat select menu WeatherCat => Preferences... ​ => On-Line => Custom Web => Main
 +{{ :​ftpwc1.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Click on button "Edit FTP Details"​
 +{{ :​ftpwc2.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Specify your user-name, password and the correct path to your upload folder.
 +<WRAP important>​Push the "​Test"​ button and check if the test-file arrived on your web-site in the uploadWC folder.
 +==== Step 5 - Store the tag-files ====
 +Put the downloaded files from your download folder into the "​tagFiles"​ folder.\\ ​
 +In WeatherCat select menu WeatherCat => Preferences... ​ => On-Line => Custom Web => Additional files
 +==== Step 6 - Instruct WeatherCat to process those files ====
 +{{ :​weathercat_ftp_upload.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Now press the add button on the bottom right cornor.\\
 +Push button "Set Path" and browse to your folder with the tagFiles. Select the file **realtimeTags.txt**,​ Set a mark in box **Enabled** and in box **FTP**. Also set the upload times in minutes. Use the image above as a guidline. ​ Repeat this for every downloaded file.
 +We then have to instruct WeatherCat the folder to put the processed file into. We do that on the first screen of this instruction:​
 +In WeatherCat select menu WeatherCat => Preferences... ​ => On-Line => Custom Web => Main
 +{{ :​ftpwc1.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Press the button "Set Save Path" and go to the "​processedFiles"​ folder you created in step 3.
 +If you do not process any other file, create an empty folder with the name "​none"​ and specify this folder as the input folder after pressing the button "Set HTML source"​.
 +==== Summary and test ====
 +  * We created a folder to contain our tag files
 +  * Also a folder to contain the files as processed by WeatherCat
 +  * We set our FTP settings correctly and tested them
 +  * We instructed WeatherCat to use a custom website
 +  * We instructed WeatherCat not to process any standard html pages (empty folder "​none"​ => button "Set HTML source"​).
 +  * We instructed WeatherCat to process our 4 files and place the processed output in our "​processedFiles"​ folder.
 +Time for a test. Press the button "Test Web Pages locally"​. A separate window for every processed file will open. You will see values for the replaced tags.
 +And you can check the contents of the "​processedFiles"​ folder which now also contains all other files needed. Only the 3 files you renamed will be uploaded together with all needed graphs whose name was specified in the wcGraphs.htx document.
 +The only thing which still has to be done is specifying extra graphs, if you want so.
 +==== Graphs ​ ====
 +^names^used for^standard or user defined^
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$1$ ​ CUSTOMGRAPH$2$ ​ CUSTOMGRAPH$3$ ​ CUSTOMGRAPH$4$ ​ CUSTOMGRAPH$5$ |Station Graphs Page |user defined |
 +The custom graphs are displayed on this page:
 +{{ :​weathercat_graphs.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +In the current script there are 5 possible tabs based on the availabillity of the extra sensors. The **Temperature** and **Wind/​Rain** grpahs are always shown if the corresponding graphs are present. The remaining tabs are shown if an UV and or a solar sensor is available on your weatherstation.
 +You have to create those graphs yourself. And you can adept thewebsdite script if you want to show other grpahs also.
 +^graph name  ^uploaded as ^used for  ^example ​  ^
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$1$|customgraph1.jpg ​ |Temperature this week |{{:​customgraph1.jpg?​300|}}|
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$2$|customgraph2.jpg ​ |Wind/Rain this week |{{:​customgraph2.jpg?​300|}}|
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$3$|customgraph3.jpg ​ |Solar and UV last 3 days  |{{:​customgraph3.jpg?​300|}}|
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$4$|customgraph4.jpg ​ |Solar/Heat last 3 days    |{{:​customgraph4.jpg?​300|}}|
 +|CUSTOMGRAPH$5$|customgraph5.jpg ​ |UV/Heat last 3 days   ​|{{:​customgraph5.jpg?​300|}}|
 +==== WeatherCat - Check all uploads ​ ====
 +Time to check if everything works OK. The uploadWC/ folder on your website should contain <wrap hi>​recent copies</​wrap>​ of:
 +  * tags.wc.txt
 +  * realtime.wc.txt
 +and all needed graphs.
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