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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7 ======
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|3]]
 +  * [[settings|4]]
 +  * [[upload|Configure the upload of weather-data]]
 +  * [[menu|6]]
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +===== Use the configuration - menu choice =====
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[uploadmh|Which files are needed]]
 +  * **[[uploadmh3|This page]]**
 +  * [[uploadmh4|Meteohub program setup]]
 +You have to use a small configuration program as soon as you are satiefied with your settings. ​ Meteohub is a very extensive program which can drive  multiple weatherstations at the same time.
 +Steps to follow are:
 +  * use your website menu to go to the configuration page
 +  * set the sensors names used in your Meteohub first
 +  * and after these sensors are defined: generate and download the tag-files to your PC
 +  * and finaly place those files in your Meteohub'​s GRAPH folder
 +In your browser go to your website and choose menu **Development** and then **Generate files**
 +{{ :​mh-sensors.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Here you select which sensors and with which sensore-names are attached to your station.
 +Other avbailable sensors are not supported by the template. ​
 +Press the button "save your changes"​ when you are finished.
 +You will see a message at the top of the page that your sensor settings are saved for now.
 +Now press the button"​Download sensor based files"​. The next page will be shown where you can select he files to download.
 +{{ :​mh-download.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Select/​click file by file fore download to your PC. You will move them later (using your LAN) to the Meteohub.
 +<WRAP important >To make support possible you have to copy two of the downloaded tag-files to the weather27/​scriptsMH/ ​ folder.
 +The files are **** and **** ​
 +If you do not do that, the support script ​ **printSite.php** (menu choice p=0000) can not check if translated values are correct.
 +After you place the two tag-files in the scriptsMH/ folder, you can now place all downloaded files into the graphs/ folder on your Meteohub. That is explained on the next tab.
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