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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

Setup Cumulus

More information

Cumulus has an extensive help file built into the program. Use that first.

Cumulus website: http://sandaysoft.com/products/cumulus

The Cumulus WiKi: http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/

with the FAQ at: http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/index.php?title=FAQ

Their forum is at: http://sandaysoft.com/forum/


The following assumptions are made for all text / examples on this page about locations of data:

what where
Cumulus is installed in: C:\Cumulus
Files to be uploaded are stored then in: C:\Cumulus\Webfiles
Default upload folder on your webserver:
file to be used forCumulus file namewhere to get template file nameupload frequency
Weather-data values for all pages of the template tags.cu.txt scriptsCU/ tagsCU.txt 5 minutes
Realtime weather-data values realtimeTagsT.txt scriptsCU/ realtimeTags.txt every minute
Graphs for \\trend and graph page built in built in multiple see example

Cumulus - put the files in the weather-program folder

Now place the tags.cu.txt and realtimeTagsT.txt in the C:\Cumulus\Webfiles folder on your PC where you are running Cumulus.

Cumulus - ftp settings

In this image you see all fields you should set. The default upload folder is weather27/uploadCU/

Cumulus - individual file upload settings

Now we are going to instruct Cumulus to upload the files we need for the template. In Cumulus go to:

  • menu⇒Configuration then
  • select⇒Internet Settings
  • select tab ⇒Files

Please check using a FTP program with which you can navigate through the remote folders (as an example: Cyberduck Mac or Filezilla Windows) if the files arrive at the desired location.

Sometimes it is necessary to add /httpdos/weather27/uploadCU/ or those kind of strings before the filename.

This depends on provider and type of FTP server they use.

If possible use a separate account for uploading the weather information and configure it so that it only can acces the weather27/ folder.

Cumulus - Station graphs
 and Steelseries graphs

The template uses some graphs for the page: “Almanac=⇒Station Graphs separate” and for the Steelseries. They are uploaded by selecting the “Include standard images” as on the previous image.

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