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Install the Leuven-Template step 5 of 7

There are seven steps to follow described in this “How to”

  1. Upload the needed scripts to the root of your website
  2. Set the permissions of the folders
  3. Test the web-server environment
  4. Manually change the settings files
  5. You are here now
  6. Adapt menu items
  7. Almost finished

What to upload and how to do that

For current template users

To all users of a a previous version installing this new release at the same webserver:

The new uploads for this release should go to the same folder as your current release uploads.

Then you can switch back and forth between old and newer versions, between a current version and one you are just using for testing scripts, a.s.o.

Some user have three versions,

  1. their production version ⇒ weather2/
  2. a test version for a new release ⇒ weather26/
  3. and a copy of the production version ⇒ weather2test/,to mess around and try things without bringing their full production website down with 1 typo in php

All data is uploaded to their 1 and only upload folder, can be

  1. the root,
  2. weather2/uploadXX/ or
  3. data/ as some do to share with other templates or scripts.

Example: Your current release is in weather2/ and your weather-program uploads to upload??/ (?? = your weahterprogram codeas used by this template).

You installed this release in weather27/ and tested it changing the settings.

You set your upload location settings now to the “old” location “../weather2/upload??/”

If you are finished with testing:

  1. only once you copy the contents of weather2/upload??/ to weather27/upload??/
  2. and then rename weather2/ to weather2old/ and weather27/ to weather2/

Just to be sure and to be able to still run the “old” release, change the upload location in the old release weather2old/ also to “../weather2/upload??/”.

It sounds like extra work, but it is very handy. You only have to instruct once the weatherprogram to upload to one location (as long as you are on the same webserver) Newer versions 27, 27a, 27b, 28 can be tested easily, renamed if needed to weather2/ or removed when you skip a new release.

So as a current experienced user you read the folowing pages with a translation table in your head.
Every time you see something like “upload??/ in the weather27/ folder”, you read it as my current upload location/

When uploading works, leave it as is. Always!

Introduction to uploading

The following pages describe the data-files needed by your template scripts to do their job and in what frequency they are uploaded:

  • Weather values for general use
    • General weather-data values for today and available history - normally every 5 minutes
    • Optional the weather-data values of yesterday if not available in the previous file - once a day
  • Weather values for realtime use
    • At least once a minute a file with more recent values need to be uploaded to let the realtime parts “move”
  • Graphs as displayed on a separate stations page and whicxh are also used in the Steelseries pop-ups. Steelseries worden gebruikt

Not every weather-program is able to deliver all.

There is a separate page with instructions for every supported weather-program. Select the link for your weather-programn below.

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