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Steelseries gauges are heavily used on weather websites all over the world. The gauges were developed by Han.Solo and first used by Mark Crossley for Cumulus web-sites there is now code available for multiple weather-programs.

An average Steelseries gauges page contains:

  • a moving text display (“LCD” style) which shows:
    • the latest text forecast from the weather-station (mostly Davis Vantage)
    • or a message like “time to reload”
    • or an error message (see below for the most common ones)
  • a down-counter with the number of seconds before the data is refreshed
  • a number of gauges of which UV and Solar are optional



All Steelseries scripts and files are contained in the Leuven-Template download. No customazation is needed.

All template supported weather-programs can also display a pop up. All but two (DW=Davis Weatherlink.com and MB=Meteobridge) weatherprograms support a graphs there also.

The gauges in header 3 will NOT show the extra graphs as the available display area is to small.

The on-line documentation mentions the gauges.js file to adapt. In the template that file is replaced by wsGauges.js so use that file. All adaptions made in gauges.js will have no result..

If you want to customize the gauges to your liking:

Demonstration page: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84552/SteelSeries/SteelSeries.html

Forum: http://www.weather-watch.com/smf/index.php?board=61.0

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