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Build your own startpage

Which components can you choose from

There is an ever growing number of components to choose from to make your own startpage. If you just installed the template you have a modest startpage (p=10) and a demo startpage (p=10x) which shows all components available for your region/country and your weatherprogram.

component remark description
Het “ouderwetse “dashboard”
ajax JS Standard 'ajax” dasboard
Air quality
aqhi_map “Air-Quality” 4 maps,region 'america' only
aqhi “Air-Quality” diagram, region 'america' only
AQ “Air-Quality” diagram, region 'canada' only
wdlive JS, flash WeatherDisplay-Live uses clientraw*.txt files
wdliveplug JS, flash WeatherDisplay-Live no files needed, needs a subscription at Meteoplug
wulive JS, flash WeatherUnderground live
meteoplug Meteoplug dashboard, needs Meteobridge or a subscription at Meteoplug
steel2rows JS Subset of Steelseries page 2 rows gauges
steel1row JS Subset of Steelseries page 1 row gauges
rain Small version of the available rain radars for your region
radar 3 small images of rain- thunder- and cloud radar
uv UV forecast
fc Condensed version of a forecast
zam Zambretti forecast, not to be taken to seriously!
davis Davis weatherstation text forecast
knmi Netherlands-Dutch only text forecast
yrno Meteogram 2 day YrNo forecast
yowindow JS, flash YoWindow
soil Soil temp/moisture is attached sensors are supported by your weatherprogram
earth Night / day view of the earth
metars –beta–weather in 5 cities nearby


  • JS ⇒ uses javascriptto retrieve new data every so manu seconds
  • Flash ⇒ less interesting as iPad and latest Android or Windows tablets do not support Flash anymore

Customize the page

Open wsStartpage.php in a decent program editor.

The list to be displayed is at the beginnig of the script:

Just to explain i will show you a few

$dashboard[]	= 'ajax';	
$dashboard[]	= 'wdlive'; 

$dashboard[] is an array which is loaded with your choices from all line WITHOUT a commment mark # at the first position of the line.
The text after the = sign is one choice , so in this case the ajax dashboard and wdlive (small version for dashboard. The last choice will only be shown when your weatherprogram can upload the 4 files needed.

1 set a comment mark at all lines you do not want to use
2 remove a comment mark (if it is there) on all lines you want to use

3 move all lines you want to use to the upper part just below

#---------------------------- SETTINGS:   ------------------------------
# Rearrange and place here the lines you want to use

4 Move the lines also in the correct sequence. Example:

#---------------------------- SETTINGS:   ------------------------------
# Rearrange and place here the lines you want to use
$dashboard[]	= 'ajax';	// ajax  dashboard
$dashboard[]	= 'fc'; 	// soil  fc=forecast AQ=air quality
$dashboard[]	= 'yo'; 	// yo=yowindow

# leave all other lines WITH a comment mark below this one
#---------------------------- NOT USED:   ------------------------------
# old fashioned dashboard

# air quality
#$dashboard[]   = 'aqhi_map';   // US air quality maps
#$dashboard[]   = 'aqhi';       // US air quality sliders
#$dashboard[]	= 'AQ'; 	// cananda air quality

# "realtime displays"
#$dashboard[]	= 'wdlive'; 	// weatherDisplay live
#$dashboard[]	= 'wdliveplug'; // weatherDisplay alternative meteoplug  
#$dashboard[]	= 'wulive';	// wulive 
. . .   and all other lines . . 

That is all. Do not change more, especialy do not change anything bewlow the line with:

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