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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template in 7 steps  ======
 +There are seven steps to follow which should lead to a succesfull install
 +  - Upload the template to your website ​
 +  - Set the permissions of the folders ​
 +  - Test the web-server environment ​
 +  - **You are here now** 
 +  - Configure the upload of weather-data
 +  - Adapt menu items 
 +  - Almost finished ​
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|3]]
 +  * [[settings|Manually change the settings files]]
 +  * [[upload|5]]
 +  * [[menu|6]]
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[settings|this page]]
 +  * [[check these first|Things you have to check first]]
 +  * [[check these also|Check these also]]
 +  * [[forecast settings|Verwachtingen]]
 +  * [[optinal settings|Optional]]
 +===== Manually change the settings files =====
 +The settings files are used to adept your website as much as possible by changing the parameters in one place. ​
 +In the following pages you will go on a '​escorted'​ tour changing the settings to reflect your situation.\\
 +<WRAP important>​Just to be sure you should at least read and try to understand this page:​\\ ​
 +Chapter: **Background information** => [[en:​php|You have to read (understand) this before adapting the scripts]]\\ ​
 +No better time then now to check that page out.</​WRAP>​
 +Just modifying lines without the necessary PHP knowledge results in strange errors on the website
 +<WRAP important>​** One can never test enough: **
 +You are now at step 4 of this "​How-to-install"​ description.\\ ​
 +Immediately after uploading the weather folder to the web  server ​
 +setting the access rights for the folders \\ 
 +you can enter  **%%www.your website​weather27/​%%** in your browser. ​
 +The default window with the default start page should appear without any errors.
 +By adapting the settings you can then tailor the site to your liking.
 +For nearly all necessary files, a demo version is available in the uploads ​ folder.
 +Test after each change so that you see the results and  that you understand why the results are as they are.
 +A typographical error is quickly made. You can find them MUCH easier if it a was minute ago, 
 +and almost never if more than an hour has gone between the typo and the  testing.</​WRAP> ​
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