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Install the Leuven-Template step 4 of 7

Only change the text in the line itself if you are instructed to do so.
In a lot of cases, just add a comment mark, or remove one.

After the mandatory settings you could now (or later) move through all the settings in wsUserSettings.php and check all lines with #####, just to make sure if a change is needed in your case. Maybe you even find some lines to change without a ##### marking.

Which settings can be changed by the visitor

There is a separate “customize” page in the menu. There the visitor can change the color scheme, the default forecaster and all units used. At least if you allow your visitors to do that.

# IMPORTANT     Which areas of the website may be customized by the visitor. 
#               This info is processed in the first part of index.php
$SITE['userChangeDebug']   = true;    // true to let user set debug=Y 
$SITE['userChangeColors']  = true;    // let user select website colors / photos according to $SITE['colorStyles']
$SITE['userChangeMenu']	   = true;    // user can choose Vertical or Horizontal menus
$SITE['userChangeHeader']  = true;    // user can select their own header
$SITE['userChangeChoice']  = true;    // user can choose which page to displayed on next visit
$SITE['userChangeLang']	   = true;    // should be on to let user change to one of the supported languages
$SITE['userChangeUOM']	   = true;    // let user select thier own units of measurement
$SITE['userChangeForecast']= true;    // let user select thier own forecast

If you do not want your visitors to change anything you should set in wsMenuData.xml the customize page with show=“no” .

If you want to remove 1 or a few adaptions only, an example would be oyur own color-scheme, you set the individual setting to false

$SITE['userChangeColors']  = false;   // let user select website colors / photos according to $SITE['colorStyles']
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