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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template step 6 of 7 ======
 +There are seven steps to follow described in this "How to"
 +  - Upload the needed scripts to the root of your website ​
 +  - Set the permissions of the folders ​
 +  - Test the webserver first 
 +  - Manually change the settings files 
 +  - Configure the upload of weather-data
 +  - **You are here**
 +  - Almost finished ​
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|3]]
 +  * [[settings|4]]
 +  * [[upload|5]]
 +  * **[[menu|The menu]]**
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +===== Technical aspects of the menu-system used =====
 +The menus are generated from 1 xml file **weather27/​wsMenuData.xml**
 +The xml satructure is a further development of the xml as used in the Saratoga-Template.
 +==== XML ====
 +The general structure of the xml file: 
 +<​code>​ <​menu>​
 +    <​item ​  ​caption=value ​  ​param=value . . . /> een menu van het hoogste niveau
 +    <​item ​  ​caption = value  > begin uitklap menu
 +        <​item ​  ​caption=value param=value . . ./> een menu-keuze op het tweede niveau
 +        <​item ​  ​caption=value param=value . . ./> een menu-keuze op het tweede niveau
 +    </​item>​ einde uitklap menu
 +As an example a small part from the  **weather27/​wsMenuData.xml** of the current download ​
 +<WRAP column 30%>​{{:​menu.jpg}}
 +In the XML there are 6 entries, but in the image you see only 3
 +Menu number 23 and 24 received a a "​no"​ in its show tag as the setting for **MeteoplugPage** is false.
 +And for menu 21 there is no clientraw, so that menu becomes also show="​no"​
 +<​code><​item ​  ​caption = "Live Data">​
 + <item nr      = "​21"​ show ​   = "​wdlPage"​
 +         img     = "​img/​menu_updated.gif"​
 +         caption = "WD Live"
 + link ​   = "​wdl/​incWdlive.php"​
 +        />
 + <item nr      = "​22" ​ show    = "​mwPage"​
 +         img     = "​img/​menu_updated.gif"​
 +         caption = "​Meteoware Live"
 + link ​   = "​mwlive/​wsMWlive_v3.php"​
 +        />
 + <item nr      = "​23" ​ show    = "​MeteoplugPage"​
 +         caption = "WD Live Meteoplug" ​
 + link ​   = "​inc/​meteoplugWDlive.php"​
 +        />
 + <item nr      = "​24" ​ show    = "​MeteoplugPage"​
 + caption = "​Meteohub/​plug Live Data"​  ​               ​
 + link ​   = "​inc/​meteoplugDashboard.php"​
 +        />
 + <item nr      = "​25"​ show    = "​yes"​
 + caption = "​Steelseries"​
 + link ​   = "​gauges/​gaugePage.php"​
 +        />
 + <item nr      = "​26"​ show    = '​wuId'​
 + caption= "WU live"
 + link ​   = "​inc/​WU_Live.php"​
 +        />
 +</​item>​ </​code>​
 +==== Parameters ====
 +|nr|Unique number/​string which identifies the page.\\ Only this number is displayed in the browser address area.\\ The name (or the link) of the script does not appear in the address area.| |
 +|show|Describes if the page is ("​yes"​) shown or not. The allowed values ​​are "​yes"​ "​no" ​ .\\ <wrap hi>Or a reference to a $SITE entry can be used.</​wrap>​ Example: **show="​wdlPage"​** links to **$SITE["​wdlPage"​]**. If this entry in the $SITE table is set to false, the page will not be part of the menu.|yes|
 +|<wrap hi>​hide</​wrap> ​ |If this parameter is set the menu item is known and can be used from a link in a script, but the item is not shown in the menu itself | |
 +|<wrap hi>​top</​wrap> ​ |If this parameter is set to "​no"​ the positioning of the page is set to display also the header, so page is is not moved upwards to the data-area.\\ This param is used internbasly also to move to certain parts of the page | |
 +|caption|This short description of the program to be executed will be shown in the menu.| |
 +|title |If a longer description is wnated, one can set this here. The longer discription is shown in the yellow box when hoovering above the menu entry | |
 +|link|The name of the (PHP) script which generates the page or the name of a html-page| |
 +|gizmo|Indicates whether ('​1'​) or not ('​0'​) the ajaxgizmo is displayed.| ​ 0  |
 +|css|Sometimes pages need a specific CSS file. One can specify the location of such a file here.\\ A css file **WU-HistoryTan.css** in the folder **wu** is specified as  **css="​wu/​WU-HistoryTan.css"​**\\ <wrap important>​You have to specify all subfolders below the weather27/ folder.</​wrap>​| |
 +|head|For some programs (GOOGLE map V2 or mesonet for instance) one has to include specific files in the head section.\\ The specification **head="​progr_name.php"​** results in the execution of this program just before the end of the head section of the generated html. Such a program will normally generate CSS or includes nofollow metatags.\\ <wrap important>​You have to specify all subfolders below the weather27/ folder.</​wrap>​| |
 +|noutf8|Some pages can  not be shown correctly with UTF-8 character sets. Here you specify for which character should be used that  page only.||
 +===== Operation of the menu-system =====
 +==== Generation ====
 +During generation of the html page 
 +  * the **weather27/​wsMenuData.xml** file is read 
 +  * an <​ul><​li>​ structure is generated to correctly display the menu contianing non-hidden menu items only 
 +  * Also the menu information is stored in a temporary PHP table to check the validity of the menu choices of the user.
 +    * The hidden menu entries are also sored in this table.
 +Our example from the previous page would result in:
 +<​code><​li class="​withImg"><​a href="#"​ title="">​Live Data</​a>​
 +   <​ul>​
 +     <​li><​a href="​index.php?​p=22"​ >​Meteoware Live</​a></​li>​
 +     <​li><​a href="​index.php?​p=25"​ >​Klokjes</​a></​li> ​    
 +     <​li><​a href="​index.php?​p=26"​ >WU live</​a></​li>​
 +   </​ul>​
 +As you can see the generated html contains NO exact program name and NO folder name. The menu choice of the user is send to the web server using a simple GET (which is visible in the browser address area).
 +In our example, if the user chooses ​ Meteoware Live , this choice is loaded to the web server as: **%%http://​​weather27/​index.php?​p=22%%**\\ ​
 +The only information a hacker could see is a number for that menu choice.
 +==== Validity checks ====
 +Every menu choice is validated against the menu table in the first script which is executed: index.php\\ Numbers which are not in the table can not exist or are typed by a hacker manually. ​ If that is the case the program reroutes the user to the start page.
 +==== Miscellaneous ====
 +=== Horizontal versus vertical ===
 +There is no difference in treatment or difference in html code between Horizontal or Vertical menus.
 +=== Adapt menu width ===
 +Default it is set to 140px in a setting. Example how to change to 180px; ​
 +<​code>​$SITE['​menuWidth'​] = '​180';​ //​ 140 = default width of Vertical menu DO NOT CHANGE</​code>​
 +=== Use / xml changes ===
 +As said by Ken True from Saratoga in his documentation of the menu structure, xml is quite strict and the least carelessness results in a total stop of the template.
 +=== Not everything is suitable for a production website. ===
 +A number of pages are really only useful during the construction of the website. The have a show="​debug'​ setting and will automatically be removed from the menu when debugging is finished/ switched off.
 +=== Not everything is immediately displayed after installation. ===
 +A number of pages  are dependent on correct values ​​in _my_texts/​wsUserSettings.php.
 +Therefore, after the initial installation,​ they will be shown only after the correct values ​​in the settings are inserted.
 +===== How to modify the menu =====
 +<WRAP important>​CAUTION:​ xml is even more critical with errors as PHP.\\ So ALWAYS make a copy of the menu-file as a fall-back in case your website goes to black.</​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +==== Only one item in the drop down menu ====
 +<WRAP column 50%>{{ :​menu_apadapt1.jpg?​nolink ​ }}
 +There are some menus with a lot of choices. There are others with only one left after all settings are done.
 +If there is only one item in a drop down menu left, it looks more professional to move that one item to the main menu.
 +We therefore have to adept the menu specification in** weather27/​wsMenuData.xml**.
 +The safest way to do this is:
 +  * copy the menu specification (3) from within the enclosing <item ..></​item>​(1-2) and 
 +  * pasting that just before the enclosing <item ..></​item>​(1)
 +  * and setting the enclosing <item ..></​item>​(4) to **show="​no"​**
 +{{ :​menu_apadapt2.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 +Why are we doing it in this way: because when you later want to go back to the drop-down version when you added other visible menu entries, you only have to set the show="​no"​ / show="​yes"​ and/ or remove the extra item.
 +<WRAP column 50%>The resulting code looks like =>
 +and the menu looks OK also:
 +{{ :​menu_apadapt3.jpg?​nolink ​ }}
 +<​code><​item ​  ​nr="​25" ​  ​show="​yes"​
 + link="​gauges/​gauge.php"​
 + caption="​Steelseries"​
 + title="​Steel series"​
 + head="​gauges/​topcss.php"​ />
 +<item caption="​Live Data" show="​no">​
 +    <​item ​  ​nr="​21" ​  ​show="​wdlPage"​
 + link="​wdl/​incWdlive.php"​
 + caption="​WD Live"
 + title="​WD Live Data" />
 +    <​item ​  ​nr="​23" ​  ​show="​MeteoplugPage"​
 + link="​inc/​meteoplugWDlive.php"​
 + caption="​WD Live Meteoplug" ​
 + title="​WD Live Data by Meteohub"​ />
 +    <​item ​  ​nr="​24" ​  ​show="​no"​
 + link="​inc/​meteoplugLiveDashboard.php"​
 + caption="​Meteoplug"​
 + title="​Meteohub/​plug Live Data" />
 +    <​item ​  ​nr="​25" ​  ​show="​yes"​
 + link="​gauges/​gauge.php"​
 + caption="​Steelseries"​
 + title="​Steel series"​
 + head="​gauges/​topcss.php"​ />
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